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to protect and create value

Singularity of focus on the outcome

we are scientists, experts and finders of truth not conformists

CLARITY OF DATA AND SCIENTIFIC DRIVEN PROOF we use data and science to discover proof, not hide in comfortable bias

ONE SHARED JOURNEY we only collaborate with the few when we know we can deliver, which enables singularity of focus on the outcomes. Our outcomes protect and create value

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our diversity of DNA

Single-minded on delivering exceptional outcomes.

We are outcomes first.

Getting the right outcomes is more important that being right.

We are uniquely built for partnership, sharing the journey and sharing the rewards.

We only work with the few and spend time to get to know you. We listen deeply, talk less and do more.

We deliver the exceptional because our reputation depends on it.

Finders of truth.

We are scientists, sector specialists but above all non-conformists.

We embrace diversity in everything we do, from thought to action, from data to method, from skill to strategy.

Diversity works, the compound effect of deep sector expertise and deep science delivers exceptional outcomes.

By combining the heritage and capabilities within our wider organisation with our unique approach to digital science we deliver a wealth of expertise.

Leveraging extensive and practical global experience to apply that expertise and delivering decisive innovative outcomes.

We embrace the fact that great minds don’t think alike but they can work together to find solutions to the unknown.

clarity of data

Scientific driven proof.

We use data and science to discover proof not hide in comfortable bias.

We look at the same and see different.

We don’t start with the tried and tested, we test then try. We deliver digital science with impact at speed.

The accuracy of science without bureaucracy.

one shared journey

Together we can go further.

We succeed together because we listen with quiet confidence in our method, motivation and single-mindedness on mutual outcomes.

We work with the few and only when we know we can deliver mutual outcomes.

We evolve together along the journey and go further faster. The experts' expert.


Fuelled by digital and data science

to protect and create value

Augmented Investigations
Listening at Scale
Transforming for Growth
Smart Infrastructure
Accelerated Innovation
Communications Analytics
Visual Intelligence
Behavioural Analytics
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A FTSE listed UK insurance company tasked us to identify new product development to “leapfrog the competition”.

Using our proprietary innovation methodology our innovation team used digital science to analyse implicit customer buying decisions, identify the optimum intervention points at the critical moment of truth and identify when to intervene, to drive a profitable outcome.

Collaborative Outcome
Design of a new product to enhance customer lifetime value while increasing product holdings, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Accelerated Innovation:
Accelerating Growth

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Our client was a regulator on a critical deadline looking to determine how quickly we could help them establish a clear, high probability pattern of alleged criminal activity, that had previously been missed by one of the most sophisticated banks in the world.

Their data was limited, provided in multiple unstructured formats and ultimately proved to be a subset of the ideal transaction data, but we took a deep dive to establish whether the bank in scope had engaged in activity in violation of regulation and remediation. Our ISO 27001 compliance allows us to ingest vast data sets and apply AI and machine learning in the modelling.

Collaborative Outcome
Augmented Investigations provided the regulator with a new black box containing statistical visualisation tools which established a clear pattern of activity, providing the investigation team with the vital evidence to act.

Augmented Investigations:
AI Enabled Investigations

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A large European retail conglomerate wanted to understand how to better defend against negative news.

So we provided them with key digital mechanisms to separate the negative noise from weak signal conversations, identifying the networks vital to shaping positive impact around their business.

Collaborative Outcome
Activating the weak signal influencer network to amplify and insulate against real time negative flare up has created a completely new advocacy channel to market.

Communications Analytics:
Protect Reputation

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A major satellite operator needed us to help identify customers who were unhappy with a competitor’s cable operators service; and how to make digital interventions to switch the customer.

By listening to social data at scale we were able to identify customers who were unhappy with the competitor service, and to serve promotion and switch campaigns directly to these customers.

Collaborative Outcome
We created a new customer acquisition switching channel; acquiring new customers at a £90 CPA, against a baseline cost of >£300 CPA.

Communications Analytics:
Listening at scale

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A national vehicle rescue company faced an ambitious group transformation initiative to increase revenues and reduce customer churn. They asked for our forensic insight to look for new ways to use visual intelligence and data science to meet their targets.

Our digital science consultants collaborated with the client team to create a new solution leveraging predictive analytics to forecast in granular detail and breakdown incident volumes, costs and response times. We developed a detailed specification and went on to develop and build a user centric data driven solution, which provided all areas of the business with a unique view of their specific area of responsibility.

Collaborative Outcome
Their dashboard tool now monitors performance against targets, highlighting real time performance issues; in addition we have ensured the client is equipped with the knowledge and skills in-house to maximise the value of their new predictive analytics suite.

Visual Intelligence:
Intelligence to Shape the Future

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After a period of rapid growth leading to an entrepreneurial ‘can-do’ culture, the group CEO of a global organisation engaged us to review their organisation structures, to determine if they were optimised for further growth.

Our digital scientists wanted to ensure that the positive dynamics of this change-rich culture were protected; balanced also with the need for increased governance and control. Our digital scientists were deployed to assess the organisation’s structure, and to identify and prioritise changes to organisation design and key functional areas.

Collaborative Outcome
We deployed our cultural diagnostics in the form of an organisational design toolset. This helped fuse new processes with their strong human centric approach to diagnose and design the organisational change programme. As a result our client continues to successfully innovate and grow their business, ensuring operational and financial controls as well as performance accountability are embedded.

Transforming for Growth:
Leading with Certainty

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A UK insurer engaged us to investigate increasing motor claim costs arising from the late notification of third party bodily injury claims.

Our predictive and behavioural analytics model, built in 12 weeks, identified which claims were most likely to develop a bodily injury component. We operationalised the model and developed strategies and process changes with the client which reduced both the frequency and severity of these claims.

Collaborative Outcome
Now used by front line claims handlers it enables them to pro-actively identify and manage these claims, reducing both their frequency and severity. This has reduced claims costs by £4m in 24 months [a 12 to 1 ROI].

Behavioural Analytics:
Predicting Claim Behaviour

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In the context of overall rising electricity demand, a large UK utility company required accurate demand forecasts to inform potential infrastructure and investment decisions.

We leveraged our expertise in geo-spatial analytics and machine learning to develop a new methodology, designed to predict long term demand for services, using a combination of behavioural and population forecasting and technology ‘what-if’ analysis.

Collaborative Outcome

By utilising our modelling expertise in infrastructure planning we helped answer strategic questions such as “How can we predict the intensity of demand in varying geographic locations? How can we evaluate infrastructure and technology options in our investment strategy?”

Smart Infratructure:
Building Smart Infrastructure